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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey (Redux)

In Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, you play as a brave United Nations soldier investigating a spatial anomaly called the Schwarzwelt a dome of dark energy that threatens to consume the world. Inside, you'll find it home to a nightmare mirror of our own Earth, populated with demons dying to meet you. With its twisted demonic sci-fi story, addictive demon-collecting fun, and multiple narrative paths to explore, Strange Journey is an essential ATLUS JRPG adventure that can't be missed.


The updated rerelease, Strange Journey Redux, touts brand-new illustrations by Masayuki Doi, updated visuals, UI tweaks, and more to make this journey back into the Schwarzwelt... even stranger. You won't be retreading the same nightmarish path as before because a brand-new character named Alex will play a major role in how the story unfolds. Much about her is a mystery, but there is one thing you know for sure: she's got a bone to pick with you. Joining her are new demons you might recognize from other SMT entries, new endings, and a new dungeon to discover.


Which version of the game should I play?

The original Nintendo DS game received a remake: "Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux", exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. As it is a very contentious remake, here is our definitive suggestion:

Both are valid options so you can't really go wrong. Some have suggested Strange Journey for a first playthrough and Redux for a replay, or just Redux if you think you will only play the game once. In any event, both are good games so just pick one up and go for it.

Acquiring Strange Journey/Redux

Follow this link (or alternatively this link) to acquire the original Strange Journey on DS. Follow this link to acquire Strange Journey Redux on Nintendo 3DS. If you want to buy the game and support ATLUS, it is also available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. 3DS SMT games usually go on sale often so keep your eyes peeled.

Gameplay Tips

  • The questionnaire you answer at the start of the game determines your stat distribution, as you cannot set your stats manually. Visit gamefaqs to see the different possibilities. This however, does not make a huge impact on the game.
  • Your alignment is determined through the choices you make in the game. Because there is a repeatable question in the Fairy Village of Sector Antlia, right before the Sector H scenario, you can be any alignment you want throughout the game and then switch to get the ending you want.
  • Don't be cheap with sources but don't waste them on throwaway demons like fusion fodder. You can get sources again easily on NG+.
  • Don't be afraid to use demons that aren't the same alignment as you. In fact, the neutral final boss is easier with varied alignments. However, it is recommended that you use a same-alignment team for the Ouroboros battle for reliable damage. Use fire skills on her ass.
  • You can crabwalk and back pedal by holding down the B button and moving in a direction.


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