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/smtg/ Plays Devil Survivor

10/9/22 - 10/21/22


"Tokyo - A City In Chaos!"

   by Shoji

Recently, Tokyo was plunged into chaos thanks to the mysterious "Tokyo Lockdown". Like any self-respecting journalist, I took to the streets in search of answers. How were the people getting through this tough situation?

I had to find out.

The responses were staggering. Innocent people were forced to spend their nights sleeping out in the street. Pressing issues included a lack of food, lack of access to electricity, and lack of ability to go home. Some felt that the lockdown would be resolved with expedience, while the least hopeful survivors felt as though it would never end.

Quite grim indeed.

In this article, you'll find exclusive interviews about the Tokyo Lockdown situation as it was breaking, as well as bonus "where are they know" interviews with the survivors. Join us for this truly gripping tale of human resiliancy in the face of despair.


Live Interviews

Read on for exclusive interviews from the innocent people stuck in this lockdown. I asked them one simple thing:
what is your plan to survive this event?


"My plan is to hide under a desk. That way, no demons will ever find me. It's honestly foolproof."


Raidou Kozono

"I'm starting up a gang in Akihabara. Pure STR, baby! Chains, knives, and guns... that's how you survive."


Saturn "Segata" Shiro

"I'm going to be a warlord in Akihabara. Anyone in my way will be crushed by my superior intellect."


Mirai Anon

"I'll just do the opposite of what Yuzu demands. It hasn't failed me before, y'know?"


Mister Lister

"I'll have my trusty Jack Frost cryogenically freeze me in a safe place. We already practiced on a rat. It's still mostly alive... let's do it!"


Matt "Matteo" Seth

"I've played those DOOM games, alright?
All you have to do is get a shotgun and blast everything in sight!
Also, I got me one of those COMPs everybody's talkin' about.
Barely works, but... just in case!"


Kusoge * S

"Survive...? We seek to create a paradise in which we ourselves are not welcome.
We. Will. Perish. Here."


Sega Genesis

"A man in a black and green robe asked me to become
a God earlier. That's the kind of forward-thinking
that one can survive off of! It's a better plan than
what the orange robed guys are saying, I'm not sitting
around waiting for help, even if it's from God himself!"


Guido Kandor(i)

"Null: all, ho!"


Where are they now?

After the situation calmed down, I was able to get in touch with some of the survivors of the lockdown. I wondered:
what else did they have to say to the world?

Kusoge * S

"I would like to tell everyone to have a nice death, because the cycle never ends."

Kusoge gg

Sega Genesis

"If anyone finds my cloak, please let me know.
It's very important!"

Gensis gg

Saturn "Segata" Shiro

"Does anyone else want to be the King of Bel?

Shiro gg

Mirai Anon

"Now that I'm the Messiah, surely nothing can go wrong."

Mirai gg


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Peaceful days died... let's survive!