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/smtg/ Plays Digital Devil Saga

9/3/22 - 9/20/22


Bwahahaha! Think you can take me on, shrimpy? Go on... I wanna see you try. First I'll squash you like a bug, then my boys will rule the Junkyard! Or do you think you can stop me and the other tribes?
GET REAL! Bwahahahaha!

Mick the Slug

The Slug's Screed

Everyone, this is your great leader speaking! The Dissemination Machine told me how we're gonna take over the Junkyard! We just gotta squash those other tribes, ESPECIALLY those damn dirty Embryons, and we're on our way to Nirvana! I'll make it reeeal easy for you: if it's orange, shoot it on sight! Gwahahaha!

Enemies: Keep An Eye Out

Nothing gets past the Slug - I got a recon guy. He brought me back a list of enemies from different tribes, and I want to see some heads roll, so get to work!

Neokun of the Wolves

Unique skill: Mantra Warp


Cannibal Hunter of the Brutes

Unique skill: Death Spray


Charlie of the Maribel

Unique skill: Chaotic Chaos


Genesis of the Eras

Unique skill: Super Genesis Wave


Hugh Mungus of the Embryon

Unique skill: Wet Wind


Sanshiro of the Boomers

Unique skill: Agy


Zeta of the Clusters

Unique skill: Sucker Punch


Enemies: Kill-On-Sight!

These ones were on the top of the list, highlighted in red! You see these guys, you need to call some Solids for backup and get your asses into Alpha formation. This is what we trained for, boys - this is for Nirvana!


Sanshiro gg


Zeta gg


Genesis gg


Nakajima says:

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Yumiko says:

Rend... slaughter... devour your enemies!
You cannot escape your hunger!